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Hall Bookings Calendar

Bookings can be made by the hour and you can choose which rooms you need. 

We also offer set fees for certain types of events. (e.g., weddings, children's parties)

The Hall has flexible options to facilitate your event and also has supplies and amenities such as a full kitchen, projectors, speakers etc.

Estimated Rate for use of the entire hall: £30/hour 

Estimated Rate for use of the meeting rooms: £16.50/hour

Rates for the Hall are dependent upon which rooms you use and how much time you require. 

Community and wellbeing groups are eligible for discounted rates. 

Once your booking request has been reviewed & approved, a member of GURCA will be in touch to discuss details and invoicing.

Hall Booking Request

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Hire period

Thank you for submitting! We will get back to you shortly.

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